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Maximize value in selling your business.

The decision to sell your business is a major undertaking. The path to consummating a sale transaction is often complex. Pacifica Business Brokers (“PBB”) has the operational and transactional expertise to add significant value to that process. Understanding industry dynamics. Our brokerage team is comprised of leaders across 12 industries who speak the same language as you. Our industry experts will research industry dynamics, review your products and services, assess your competitive advantages (SWOT) and identify opportunities to improve marketability and enhance value in preparation for a sale.

Financial underwriting and benchmarking

Our financial analysts will review your financials, recast discretionary expenses, value hard assets, analyze intangible assets, benchmark your company’s performance against competitors, and work with your team to build a financial proforma that shows a clear and realistic path to success for the buyer.

Sharing your vision

Help your buyer understand the goals and vision of your business with a solid business plan. Show strong processes. Buyers look for a business that they can understand and that they can grow. Identify strategic growth options such as revamping your sales strategy, acquiring new customers, developing different sales channels, identifying new markets and territories, developing new products and enhancing your existing products.

Make yourself redundant

The buyer is buying your business, not you. Train your existing management to take over key responsibilities. It will make your business more marketable. Post-sale, be prepared to train the buyer for a few months, and be open to consulting to make your buyer comfortable with acquiring your business.

Opinion of value & deal structure

Our team of professionals will carefully value your company based on its financials, its assets, its future and comparable sales, while identifying different deal structures appropriate for your business.

Offering memorandum

Our marketing specialists will work with our financial and business analysts to design a customized flyer and offering memorandum that clearly depicts your business to buyers. Marketing to suitable buyers At your request, we will list your business on all major business sale websites. However, it is our direct sales approach that achieves the best results by picking through our extensive databases to identify competitors, ancillary businesses, individual investors, private equity groups, family offices, offshore buyers, corporate strategics and network of brokers. Professional deal makers We assist you with each step of the sale transaction: negotiating the offers, picking a buyer, structuring the deal, referring you to professional consultants (we won’t assume to know everything!), conducting due diligence, and closing the deal.

Expert Business Broker & Advisor

Pacifica Business Brokers is a professional business brokerage firm based in Southern California. Our mission is straightforward: to maximize value in selling your business. PBB offers brokerage and advisory services to small- and medium-sized companies from $1 to $50 million. Our operational and transactional expertise adds value by understanding industry dynamics, benchmarking your company’s performance, identifying improvement and growth opportunities, and carefully targeting suitable acquirers with one single objective: to maximize value in selling your business.

Sectors & Industries

  • Manufacturing

  • Defense & aerospace

  • Transportation, logistics, & distribution

  • Food & beverages

  • Construction

  • Professional services

  • Health care & biopharma

  • Consumer goods, wholesale, & retail trade

  • Technology & telecom

  • Franchising

  • Sports, arts, & entertainment

  • Education

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