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DCCM acquires Southstar Engineering

DCCM, a White Wolf Capital Group Portfolio Company, Acquires Southstar Engineering

The recent acquisition of Southstar Engineering, a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise based in Riverside, California, will allow DCCM to strengthen their presence on the West Coast and better serve clients in the state.

For over 18 years, Southstar has provided planning, design, and construction management solutions for infrastructure projects across California. From freeway interchanges and railroad overpasses to bridge retrofits, sewer improvements, and pavement rehab, Southstar’s team of engineers and construction managers have experience tackling it all.

Like Southstar, DCCM is focused on serving the infrastructure needs of public and private sector clients across North America. From planning and design to program and construction management, DCCM’s family of companies offers a range of services and specializations. The acquisition of Southstar allows DCCM to expand into new end markets in California, better positioning themselves to help clients achieve their goals.

The future looks bright for Southstar and DCCM. By combining forces, these two companies will be able to take on bigger, more complex projects, expand into new markets, and provide improved services to clients across California and beyond. Here’s to a successful partnership and all the opportunities yet to come!

The Acquisition Led by Pacifica Advisors Will Expand DCCM's Capabilities

The recent acquisition of Southstar Engineering led by Pacifica Advisors is a game changer for DCCM. As a portfolio company of White Wolf Capital Group, DCCM has been looking to expand into new markets and strengthen their service offerings. With this strategic purchase of Southstar, they've gained a strong foothold in California and added valuable engineering capabilities.

Southstar Engineering, based in Riverside, California, has over 18 years of experience providing design, project management and construction management services to public agencies across the state. They are certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise, focused on infrastructure projects like:

  • Freeway interchanges and overpasses

  • Bridge seismic retrofits and new construction

  • Road widening and extensions

  • Sewer and stormwater improvements

By acquiring Southstar, DCCM has instantly expanded into the California market and boosted their engineering expertise. Southstar's knowledge in planning, sustainability, utility coordination and inspection services complements DCCM's existing strengths.

With Southstar Engineering now in the fold, DCCM is well on their way to achieving their goal of helping clients achieve theirs. This strategic acquisition has expanded their capabilities, reach and ability to get infrastructure projects off the ground.


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