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Axial Recognizes Pacifica Advisors in its 2023 Top 50 Lower Middle Market M&A Advisors List

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2023 Consumer Top 50

Pacifica Advisors, a leading mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm specializing in businesses with an EBITDA ranging from $1.5 to $25 million throughout the Western US and Mexico, is proud to announce its inclusion in Axial's prestigious 2023 publication of the Top 50 Lower Middle Market Consumer Investors and M&A Advisors.

In recent years, the consumer sector has encountered numerous challenges, including a decline in discretionary spending, interest rate increases, and the complexities of forecasting forward demand. Axial's forthcoming research report delves into these issues while providing valuable insights into the 6-12 month M&A market outlook from the perspective of consumer-focused dealmakers on the Axial platform.

This recognition spotlights the 50 Axial members, including Pacifica Advisors, who have exhibited unwavering resilience in the face of industry setbacks and maintained high productivity levels. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each of these accomplished firms.

The Top 50 list was meticulously curated using a weighted formula that considered four key metrics:

  • The number of consumer deals brought to market via Axial (sell-side).

  • The level of interest generated by these deals within Axial's buy-side member base.

  • The creation of specific consumer-focused investment mandates on the platform (buy-side).

  • The progression of consumer deals through various stages of the deal funnel, from signed NDAs to successfully consummated transactions (buy-side & sell-side).

In the world of M&A, reputation and credibility are of paramount importance. Axial has recently introduced the Axial Passport, a tool that allows members of the M&A ecosystem to efficiently assess the experience and credibility of potential transaction counterparts. As showcased above, Pacifica Advisors and other Consumer Top 50 members have their Passports readily available, providing a snapshot of their M&A credentials and key performance metrics, which update daily.

To learn more about the Axial Passport and its featured metrics, please visit this link.

Pacifica Advisors takes pride in its expertise in developing personalized growth and exit strategies that maximize the value of businesses. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting clients in every step of their transformative journey, whether they aim to sell their business for the best deal or expand through strategic acquisitions. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Sell-Side Representation: Our team excels at finding the right buyer for your business and negotiating the best deal tailored to your company.

  • Business Valuation: We start with a detailed analysis covering accounting, finances, operations, and perceptual metrics to provide an accurate business valuation.

  • Buy-Side Representation: Whether you're buying your first business or expanding aggressively, our team assists with research, underwriting, and due diligence for your success.

  • Capital Markets: We guide you through financing options based on your needs, ensuring your business has the necessary cash for success.

At Pacifica Advisors, we are committed to charting a realistic and clear path to success for our clients, and we are honored to be recognized by Axial as one of the Top 50 Lower Middle Market Consumer Investors & M&A Advisors for 2023.

Would you like to have a Free Broker’s Opinion of Value? Contact us. You can also have a super quick valuation with our Napkin Business Valuation Tool.

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