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Business Brokers FAQ

Why should I hire Pacifica Business Brokers?

PBB’s business brokerage team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with extensive transactional experience. We are not industry agnostic, we are industry specialists. Each of our teams specializes in one of the following core sectors: manufacturing; defense & aerospace; transportation, logistics and distribution; food and beverages; construction services; professional services; healthcare, life science, biotech, and pharmaceuticals; consumer goods, wholesale and retail trade; technology and telecommunications; franchising; sports, arts and entertainment; and education.

How do you find the right buyer for my business?

Rather than mass marketing to unverified buyers, we utilize our extensive network as well as proprietary tools to target qualified institutional investors, private equity groups, family offices, high net work individuals, platform investors for add-on acquisitions, investment advisors, other business brokers, director competitors and companies who could benefit from ancillary services. Our process ensures your business sells faster and at a higher price. We are hustlers and we will not rest until your business is sold. You grew your business, so you did your job, now let us do ours.

Why not list the business myself?

90% of businesses listed on online platforms will never sell. Meanwhile, selling your business directly to a friend or competitor means you are foregoing a competitive process with all the other potential buyers in the market. Properly marketing a business takes experience and time. That is experience we have, and time you should be spending on improving your business, so that we can maximize the sale price for you. Selling your business is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, so why not do it right?

Why should I buy an existing business?

According to Forbes, 90% of all startups fail. Buying an existing business comes with historical cash flow, a proven business plan, and an established customer base. It may seem that starting from scratch is more economical, however it is a statistical fact that most startups, if successful, take three to five years before merely breaking even. Why risk it when you know we can provide you with a business that will succeed?

What is the value of my business?

PBB will provide you with a free comprehensive Broker’s Opinion of Value, with no strings attached. Our team of analysts is lead by Nicolas Biancamano, a finance professor at the University of San Diego. Our analysts have access to multiple metrics (key performance indicators), past transaction databases, and industry-specific methodologies to properly value your business. Paired with our extensive industry experience, we will provide you with a fair market business valuation at absolutely no cost!

What does it cost to sell my business with Pacifica Business Brokers?

Nothing. Signing a listing agreement with PBB is absolutely free. We only get compensated when your business is sold based on an agreed-upon commission. Simply stated, we only make money when you make money.

What am I risking by listing my business for sale?

Your biggest risk is if you didn’t do it with us! Just curious, or not ready to make a commitment? No problem. We will still provide you with a free Broker’s Opinion of Value, and we can continue discussions whenever you feel ready.

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