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State of the M&A Market

Over the next decade, millions of closely held businesses will be sold in the United States. You’ve worked years, if not a lifetime, to build your business and it’s important to feel confident and best prepared for the future of your enterprise. Unfortunately, many business owners underestimate what’s required for a successful sale, so they end up exiting their business unprepared.

Please join us to learn more about what you should consider before selling your business. We will discuss the timing of your sale, the current state of the M&A market, and which industry sectors are driving M&A activity and readying your business for sale.

Webinar Thursday, June 8 3:00 pm PT

Guest Speakers

Doug Monaster

Paul Spradling

Nicolas Biancamano

Executive Director Private Markets - UBS OneBank

Executive Director Managing Partner Pacifica Advisors

Executive Director Managing Partner Pacifica Advisors

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